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Guitarra Eléctrica GIBSON Firebird 2015 Vintage Sunburst DSF15VSCH1


$ 28,734

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The Gibson 2015 Firebird looks to give you a mixture of traditional aesthetics and design with a hint of modern flavour that brings this guitar forward to become a more versatile instrument. Originally launched in 1963 this guitar has gone through many variations since its inception nearly 50 years ago.

Made with a neck through design featuring a 9-ply multi laminate mahogany and walnut neck that covers the entire length of the guitar with mahogany wings that make up the unique design of this guitar. Loaded up with 2 mini humbucking pickups that are designed especially for the Firebird to take advantage of the neck through design, so you get a guitar that produces a fantastic range of tones.

The Gibson Firebird is loaded up with a couple of great new tools in 2015 that give you more control of your guitar than ever before with the new fully adjustable Zero Fret Nut. This opens up a new range of possibilities when it comes to the set up and action of your guitar thanks to its fully adjustable nature. Before if you wanted to adjust a traditional nut you needed to file into it to adjust action or sting gauge. With the Zero Fret Nut there is no filing required just simply lower or raise the nut to allow for different string height and if you want to change your string gauge just put them on and the Zero Fret Nut has you covered thanks to it not having the same deep carve of traditional nuts.

Modern Feel
The Firebird has always been one of the more modern looking and feeling guitars in Gibson's lineup thanks to its different body shape and slimmer neck profile. The modern feel is still here in 2015 and now it has been taken up another notch with a new wider neck and lower fret wire. The wider neck looks to bridge the gap between some of the more modern feeling guitar on the market and Gibson's famous style, class and sound. The lower fret wire makes this instrument slightly easier to play but also lends itself well to allow for different set up options such as lower action.

A guitar is only good when it works and Gibson have taken this into account when making their 2015 line. They have replaced all of the wiring in 2015 with a thicker cable that looks to improve signal stability and stop your guitar cutting out when you need it most. Gibson have also started to include a hard shell case with every guitar in 2015 so you can transport your guitar safely and easily from gig to gig


Body: Mahogany wings
Neck: 9-ply multi laminate neck thru mahogany/ walnut neck
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood with pearl inlays
Electronics: Mini Humbuckerswith new barrel jack in the rim
Hardware: Steinberger tuners and chrome tune-o-matica